International Multidisciplinary Symposium on Drug Research and Development

5 - 7 October 2017 ERZURUM


Analytical method validation Drug manufacturing and product quality Drug metabolism Drug regulations  
Bioanalysis Drug-receptor interactions Drug-drug interactions Drug resistance  
Bioavailability / Bioequivalence Drug synthesis Drug targeting Drug delivery
Biochemistry Ethics Fluxomics Food-drug synergies
Bioengineering Generic medicines Genomics Herbal medicines
Bioinorganic chemistry  Industrial pharmacy  Industrial research management  Preformulation and formulation design
Biomarkers Medical device Metabolomics Molecular mechanisms of diseases  
Biopharmaceutics Multidimensional separations Nanomedicine and nanomaterials Molecular pharmacology Natural products and medicinal plants  
Biopharmaceutics Neuropeptides and neurotoxicity Organic/inorganic chemistry Oxidative stress  
Biotechnology Patient safety Peptides as drugs Peptide-Target interaction  
Biosensors Pharmacogenetics pharmacogenomics Pharmacovigilance Pharmaceutical microbiology  
Biosimilar medicines Pharmacoeconomy Pharmacokinetics Pharmacotherapy  
Biowaiver Phytotherapy Proteomics and peptidomics Research and development strategies  
Clinical Pharmacy Residency in pharmacy Quality control and quality assurance QbD (Quality by Design) and PAT (Process Analytical Technology)  
Clinical trials Patents Radiopharmaceutics Stereochemistry in drug action  
Cosmetics Structure-activity relationships Therapeutic enzymes, enzyme activators and inhibitors Toxicity screening in drug development  
DNA separating/sequencing Drug licensing Drug design and molecular modelling Drug cytotoxicity  


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